What CashBack service to choose for Aliexpress and other stores?

What is a cashback when buying a product? This word for many people is still unfamiliar, but believes me, it is VERY important if you often shop at online stores. Cashback is a refund of a part of the amount of money, that you spent on the purchase of goods in the online store. The same article in Russian — LINK.

Who returns money to your money? — The seller. In the network there is wild competition and therefore sellers are willing to pay part of the purchase amount to the one who brought the buyer to them. There are affiliate programs, such as bring a friend, through which you can earn by attracting customers to the online store.

But, what prevents you from attracting yourself? This is cashback, when you earn on yourself. Agree, to return 10% of the amount billed on the goods is very tempting, especially when you are making expensive purchases. Bought a laptop for $ 500 and received $ 50 back!

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